March 11, 2012

Prayer, Apparently Able to Prevent Depression

Prayer, Apparently Able to Prevent Depression
Recommendation to always pray in a state of joy and sorrow that had been suggested many of the religious clergy or other religious pengemuka, was able to prevent a person from depression (psychological pressure), while praying in the human body there is a certain nerve, the nerve was found between the nerve connections between the so-called neurotransmitter.
It turned out to pray to balance the neurotransmitter that can prevent depression and other mental disorders. He said, psychologically, when depressed person usually feels lost hope, not appreciated, then, when you pray someone to give up all the "ordeal" to God.

Then, when it applies to those who pray have let go of negative emotions, making a person feel more calm. Moreover, one has a good understanding, that behind every trial there is wisdom, so that at the stage of understanding that a person can think more wisely. "And pray specific needs," he assured.

The Depression Cause
Irna said, a study conducted at the hospital in two wards, one ward carried on chanting against it and one patient in the ward do not pray anymore.

Apparently, the health of patients treated in the ward who prayed higher than in patients who do not.

An Ustad, Amru Hasibuan said, pray to God is an activity that is highly recommended, either as happy or sad, so that when Muslims are encouraged to pray begging a favor to him.

Amru suggested, that prayer accompanied by the belief that everything happens according to God's permission set, so that when Muslims are in any circumstances, stand tall and do not despair if it is not granted.
source : Deppresion

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