September 20, 2011

Best Gifts For Women

Best Gifts For Women Gifts are often given lover to their partner to express feelings of love or to commemorate special events such as birthdays and weddings. Want to know what kind of gifts that the ideal most women? The gift is jewelry. Although most women jewelry dreams, they have to wait longer for the prize on this one. A study in England said, he gave them gifts of idol of the heart jewelry on average when the relationship has lasted for 32 months. QVC survey involving more than 2,000 people revealed that 65 percent of British women have not received a gift of jewelry from her lover and partner in the last 12 months. Yet 44 percent believe it will reward those jewelry lovers in the near future. In the study also mentioned one of 10 men, said to worry if the gift of jewelry is considered as a sign of commitment towards establishing a more serious relationship. Gemma Savage from QVC said, "The research shows British people are very careful to give them jewelry lovers. Because the rare gift of jewelry, only a few women who apply to romantic partners. So, my advice to think again," he said as quoted from Female First. In addition to the commitment problem, the reason men are reluctant to buy jewelry tastes of the couple that may not comply with the gifts they give. As many as 16 percent of men admitted jewelry prices do not influence their decision to buy gifts. While 6 percent of men were more worried about the couple did not like the gift of jewelry from them.

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